13x4 Lace Front Wig Product Suggestions

13x4 Lace Front Wig Product Suggestions

To match up with the trend people are investing much in wigs. Various colors and lengths of wigs are the new definitions of fashion. Wigs are generally made up of natural hair or synthetic fibers. Not only as a style statement but some people also prefer it to get rid of their baldness. People who have lost their hair during any kind of medical treatment like chemotherapy also take help from the wigs. Nonetheless, people who are highly conscious about their hair also consider a 13x4 lace front wig a useful product. To protect the scalp from any kind of dust, dirt, and pollution people use wigs.

To cover the entire hairline, the 13x4" lace front wig generally consists of the length of almost 13 inches in the front of the wig and has almost 4 inches in the deeper part of the wig. However, this kind of wig provides a natural look to the wearer. Whereas, it's highly comfortable because of the proper ventilation property.

This article is presented in front of the audience to furnish them with all kinds of ideas about a 13x4 lace front wig. As the audience will provide the blog they will get to know about various types of wigs.

Some Cool Wig Product Suggestions

This segment of the blog will speak about several suggestions of wigs that one can opt for without any hesitation.

1. Straight Lace Front Wigs

This kind of wig is made up of virgin human hair and has a gradation of 10A. Generally, the wig has a density of 130%/ 150%/ 180%. The wigs are found almost the length of 8 inches - 36 inches.

2. Straight Wigs With Honey Blonde Highlights

The wig is made up of virgin human hair and provides a natural hairline with no bad smell. However, the wig has a mixed color, 4#/27 color, and the users can dye the wigs according to their preference. The length of this type of wig is approximately 8 inches - 30 inches.

3. Body Wave Wigs With Honey Blonde Highlight

Along with a natural hairline, this kind of wig will also provide a soft wave with can be easily styled by the wearer. The soft texture of this wig makes it more comfortable and wearable.

4. Curly Black Wig

This kind of wig doesn't provide any bad smell and thus furnishes a super curly look to the wearer. Just the other wigs this wig can also be colored and dyed according to the wearer without taking any stress about hair shredding. The wigs are available at a hair length of 8 inches - 36 inches.

5. Body Wave Black Wig

For a natural and realistic wavy look, people can try this virgin Remy and unprocessed wig. This wig provides a natural color but the wearer can dye it according to their desire.

6. Blonde Body Wave Wig

The hair length of this kind of wig is almost 10 inches - 36 inches. However, the density of the wig is 150%/ 180%. It provides a natural hairline to the wearer.

7. 40 Inch Straight Silky Wig

This kind of wig generally has a natural color but the wearer can dye it. However, the hair length of the wig is 8 inches - 40 inches.


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