Electric Mug Warmers To Keep Your Coffee or Tea Toasty

Electric Mug Warmers To Keep Your Coffee or Tea Toasty

Each of us enjoys a steaming cup of coffee before getting to work in the morning. However, when you boot up your computer, you are met with outstanding tasks, including emails, reports, and meetings.

You reach for your coffee an hour later, and it has the consistency and flavor of cold, gloopy muck. Although microwaving is a viable alternative, it often results in a beverage that has lost most of its taste.

Thank the brilliant person who first thought of using electric cup to prevent your favorite drink from going cold.

What Exactly Is An Electric Mug Warmer?

A coaster is a device used to prevent water rings from developing on a table, and an electric mug warmer is similar in appearance. An average coaster is about the same height and diameter as a conventional mug, but an electric mug warmer is often thicker.

When you want a safe and convenient place to rest your hot beverage, such as tea, coffee, or chocolate, an electric mug warmer is what you need.

Five Game-Changing Benefits of Coffee Travel Mugs

Is that a coffee maker? Check. Which cup do you reach for most often? Check. But what about a portable cup for java? You're losing out if you haven't snagged one of these nasty boys already.

Learn how coffee travel cups may improve your coffee experience at home and on the move. Check out our travel coffee tumbler for a dependable option and a chance to flaunt your membership in the Fire Dept. Coffee family.

Coffee Travel Mugs Are Pretty Helpful

These easily transportable heroes can come to the rescue in various situations. So, you didn't even get through your coffee until the last possible minute to leave for work? Get a travel mug and fill it up.

Are you tired of dropping a hefty sum daily to pick one up at a café on your way to the office? Make some coffee and put it in your to-go mug before you go. Are you out hiking or camping?

They're Eco-Friendlier Than Paper Cups

Did you realize that we go through more than 50 billion paper cups every year? That's only in the United States, by the way!

While the word "paper" may lead you to believe otherwise, the plastic linings inside these coffee cups prevent recycling and make them take decades to degrade in landfills. Use a reusable coffee travel cup, so you aren't a part of that disturbing number.

If you buy two coffees from a coffee shop per week, that's 104 paper cups you're keeping out of landfills annually—5+ times 500 in that time frame. That's quite good.

Travel Mugs Ensure Heat Retention

What's almost as disheartening as a poor cup of coffee? Travel mugs for coffee have the fantastic advantage of keeping your coffee hot for extended periods. The twin walls and vacuum seal of our Fire Department Coffee Tumbler will keep your beverage hot or cold for hours.

Coffee Travel Mugs Save Money Over Time

But how, you inquire? There are two ways to look at it. As a first step, you may save money and time by brewing your coffee at home and bringing it with you instead of constantly buying it to go. But even if you do, many cafes will give you a discount if you get your reusable cup.