Frontal Wig VS. Closure Wig, Which One Is Best For You?

Frontal Wig VS. Closure Wig, Which One Is Best For You?

If you've been thinking about getting your hair done, genuine hair wigs are an attractive and efficient solution to create fuller hair and disguise thinning or bald areas. But having difficulty choosing between a closure lace wig and a frontal lace wig is normal among first-timers.

In this post, you will get a detailed understanding of both the wigs, so you can determine if a closure or a frontal would be best for you?

Similarities Between Closure Wig And Frontal Wig

Closures and frontals are the best hair wigs that merge with your skin and give the impression that your natural hair is sprouting from your scalp rather than a wig or weave. You may alter your appearance while having your natural hair safe from heat and styling manipulation.

Closure and frontal wigs are both produced of breathable and moveable lace materials. Straight, body wavy, slightly wavy, curly, kinky curly, and other textures abound in both. They can also keep textures in place after shampooing.

Difference Between Closure Wig And Frontal Wig

Finally, after all the similarities, here is the most important part, where you will find the difference between closure wig And Frontal Wig to decide which one is best for you.

  1. Size

The frontal lace is a half wig, and you are supposed to wear it from ear to ear. It is normally made with roughly 2 to 4 hair bundles that are evenly 13*4 or 13*6.

The closure is available in two sizes: small and big, each measuring 4’*4’. You do not wear it ear-to-ear like frontal, instead, you put it on the area of the horseshoe of your head to tie down the sutures.

  1. Material

Lace is mostly used in the making of the frontal and closure wigs, but silk can also be used to make the cap of the wigs. Certain frontals can be produced using both by utilizing silk for the 4*4 center part and lace for the rest of the cap. However, due to their longevity and quality, lace frontals/closures are the most famous. Unlike other kinds, they are plainer and integrate nicely with your natural hairline.

  1. Versatility

The frontal is the greatest wig when you talk about style flexibility. A frontal wig allows you to style in various ways, allowing you to wear the wig backward, braid it into cornrows, and style it in any way you like, whereas closure does not allow all of this.

You should choose frontal if you want to change your whole hairline. It's also a fantastic option for ladies who suffer from traction alopecia or, have thinning edges.

  1. Installation

You can use the frontal and closure as a wig or sew-in. While frontal offers more styling possibilities, closure wigs are usually a good choice for simple styles like side parts, center parts, etc.

Furthermore, lace closures wigs are sewed in place, whereas lace frontals wigs are often glued.

You may put them either in front of or back of the hairline. However, because lace frontals are bound, they are typically employed over the hairline.

  1. Price

Frontal and closure wigs are not the same price; frontal wigs cost more than closure wigs since they have additional hair. On the other hand, a frontal wig offers a style edge over a closure wig due to its styling adaptability.

Final Thoughts  

The article covers the two wigs types: Closure Wig and Frontal Wig. Both wigs appear to be excellent for ladies who desire to improve their appearance with hair extensions. Now choose the option that best matches your needs.