Preference for Packaging Poly Bags

Preference for Packaging Poly Bags

It's not easy to make it in the food and drink business due to the high level of competition. With so many options available to shoppers (both in-store and online), it's crucial for food manufacturers to establish themselves as distinct from the competition through the development of a distinctive brand

Specialty Poly Bag

Polymer material is commonly used to create custom poly bags for shipping and packaging because of its remarkable durability, flexibility, and adaptability. Custom poly bags, which can be made from either polyethylene or polystyrene, are a lightweight and space-saving packaging solution.

Construction of Poly Bags

Making poly bags requires a lot of technological know-how, scientific ingenuity, and meticulous planning to turn out the best possible product. High resin plastic pellets are the starting point for every type of poly bag because they create the appropriate film and gauge.

Plastic or Resin Granules

When making poly bags, the resin used is a key factor in establishing the final product's strength, mass, and wall thickness. High density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene are the five resins used to make plastic bags (PP).


After deciding on the resin, it is placed in the extruder's hopper. Plastic pellets were first melted by heating them in a vat or a big barrel. As a result, the material was heated in patches, with the pellets closer to the

Printing Called Flexography

Poly bags can vary in terms of their thickness, colour, and shape. Retail store bags typically feature the store's name and maybe other information, depending on the bag and the retailer. Flexography, a roll process used to print on film, foils, paper, cardboard, and other materials, is the method used to print on poly bags. 1

Perfect Fitting Dimensions & Optional Extras

One of the first things you must do is determine the exact dimensions of your poly bags. Making adjustments to this feature of your product ensures a snug fit for the things being transported. Think carefully about what dimensions work best for your task.

Needs to be Modified

We've already mentioned that poly bags can be tailored in ways beyond the materials used to make them. You may add a touch of flair to your brand with custom printed totes. Many companies, for instance, periodically redesign their tote bags.

Messaging and Branding

Package design is more than just for looks; it's also an effective branding tool. Branding goes beyond the superficial by conveying concepts/values and eliciting feelings that might impact consumer behavior. Further, long-term brand loyalty and customer retention are encouraged when a product or service truly connects with its target audience.

Bag Construction and Measurements

You'll need to figure out the ideal dimensions and wall thickness for your bags before you can begin customizing them. The size and weight of the item are the two most important factors to consider here. You need bags that are big enough to hold the product, but not so big that you waste packaging.